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If you are thinking to step into the world of makeup and ready to begin your game but not really sure how  and where to start from ,then read. Today ,I am going to share the basic things that you will need to start your first makeup kit.

As a beginner you don’t need to complicate your make up bag. There are few elemental things you will need to keep in your magic bag.


Moisturizer: It is the first and foremost thing that your makeup bag should contain. Because, your face should be moisturized enough and ready for the cosmetics that you are going to apply on it. It is like preparing your face before you paint it all beautiful. You can also use a primer. It will keep your make up in place all day long!


BB cream: As a beginner, you can use BB cream in place of a foundation. Main difference between a BB cream and a foundation is that BB cream is light and can be worn during the day time while the foundation being heavier, is more appropriate to wear in evenings. Also BB creams are best for everyday make up because you don’t want to go to work with a face all caked up with make up. While foundation is a thing for evening make up or when you are getting ready for function like weddings, BB cream is your day time friend when all you need is to make your skin look even and little polished.


Concealer: People with dark circles, blemishes , acne marks, patches or any other mark that needs to hide, a concealer is must. If you are someone who is blessed with flawless skin then you can skip on concealer.  A concealer typically is used to hide all the unnecessary presence that could probably ruin your looks.

Setting powder: Once you have applied the concealer , you definitely need a setting powder to bake the the concealer or in simple word to make the concealer sit on your face properly you will need a setting powder. Also, to take control on the unnecessary shine off your face, you will need to apply the face powder.


Blush: Blush is not necessary for everyday but yeah , some days when you need to add color to your face, you can use a blush. Also , its good to apply blush.


Kajal: Which make up bag is complete if it don’t have kajal in it. This magical thing have multiple uses. To define your eyes you will need a kajal pencil for sure. Kajal alone is enough to make your eyes look beautiful. The best thing about kajal is that there is no particular occasion when you apply it, you are free to use it any time you want and at any occasion possible.


Liner: Either use your kajal to draw a feline or keep an eye-liner exclusively to draw that line along your upper lash line.s1588912-main-zoom.jpg

Mascara: I will say, mascara is a must in your magic bag. Why? Because it is the single product that makes you look awake. After you are done applying mascara to your eyes, you’ll see the difference yourself.


Lip balm: Well, even if you don’t own a make up bag, you sure own a lipbalm. In fact, who don’t? Right? Lipbalm will keep your lips hydrated and moisturised.


Lipstick: Well, yeah lipstick is the important part of any make up bag. And we all girls love wearing lipsticks. According to me keep two shades of lipsticks, one nude lipstick and two, little darker which you can wear during evenings. You don’ t have to go bold with lipstick shades, keep a little darker pink. It will be easier to wear since you are new to make up. Later, you can experiment with more colors once you have attained your confidence level of wearing lipstick because I understand  not every one is comfortable wearing lipsticks.maccolourcraftlipstick.jpg

Why I did not include make up brushes?

I knew this question was bugging you throughout. Then let’s put it to rest.

As a beginner you don’t need make up brushes and make this process more complicated.  You are just beginning your game, so let’s keep it simple. Even make up pro sometimes uses their fingers to blend that foundation and concealer. There are many people who prefer blending foundation with their fingers than use a brush to do so.

OK, now you are aware of all the products that should be in your bag. Let’s check them again.


2.BB cream

3. Concealer

4. Setting Powder

5. Blush

6. Kajal

7. Liner

8. Mascara

9. Lip balm

10. lipstick

With the help of these ten things in your mini make up kit, you can create simple make up looks. Other complex things like eye shadow, foundation, different kind of concealers, make up brushes, highlighters, bronzers are used when you need  to create complex make up looks. In order to use these perfectly like a pro you will need lots of practice first otherwise you might end up with a funny looking face. Once you learn to play with simple products then go to next level of make up.


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  1. This is very informative! Although I’m not completely new to makeup I’m definitely not super great at it so I love how in depth you go into explaining things to make sure your readers remember/understand.

  2. I was thinking to maintain a proper make up kit. This post is really helpful if you are new to the game of make up. Thanks for sharing. 😊👍

    1. Thanks kathrynjane for a lovely comment. I am glad you liked it. When I was new to make up, I too faced problems in picking right things for my magic bag. So, I came up with this post 🙂 🙂

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