Benefits of Argan Oil

Few months back I tried my hands on Argan oil and was astound by the results. I have heard so many good things about this oil already. So, I wanted to try it myself.  And guess what, it impressed me totally.  This single thing is all I need for my hair and skin. The Argan oil has immense number of benefits, which do justice with its nick name “Liquid Gold”.

The Argan oil- an amazing beauty elixir– is such a massive hit in cosmetic industry that, it is putting this magical oil in everything possible.Be it your lipstick, body lotion, skin rejuvenating serum, hair serum or a shampoo, you can see Argan oil in the ingredient list, or mostly on the face of the bottle itself. After all, it is worth flaunting that, your product contains Argan oil in it.

Now without further rambling,  let us dive in to the topic and get to know this magical oil more and together discover its immense number of benefits, both for hair and skin and that, why it is nick named as Liquid Gold.



About the Oil:

Argan oil is also known as Moroccon oil. It is an organic oil which is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. This nutrient dense oil is packed with vitamin E and vitamin A, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.

Now, let’s talk about the wonders this oil can do to us:

  1. Face Moisturizer: 

    If you are struggling with dry skin and is desperately looking for a solution that works, then give a try to Argan oil. It is high in vitamin E and fatty acid, and is the ideal product to give your skin that natural boost. And, do not worry- it is not sticky or greasy at all. It gets absorbed in to the skin very quickly and makes it feel hydrated and soft. I am not exaggerating, it does make skin feel so moisturized that no other expensive product can makes it feel so. After all, it is not called liquid gold like that only!

  2. Sun Block:

    Yes, it does that. You can use this miraculous oil as a sun block.  Take little amount of argon oil on to your palms and apply it on your face before you advance with the rest of the makeup. It will act as a protective shield against those harmful radiation that lead to early aging of your skin. I have already mentioned , it do not feel greasy, so no such concerns, right? And not just this, you may also use it on the burns of any type. When you apply it on the affected, it goes to work right away. It will heal it and provide the relief from pain like instantly. No wonder, if the oil astound you be by such a swift action.

  3. Treatment for Scars and stretch marks:

    There are numerous creams available in market claiming they will help you with your scars. But, honestly tell me how many of them could actually keep their promise? Well, argan oil will give you results that no other cream or lotion could.

  4. Hair conditioner:

    When it comes to hair conditioning, I trust argan oil blindly. Why? Because, the conditioners that are available in the market also have it as one of the key ingredients. And , applying it directly can definitely gives incomparable results. It is rich in Vitamin E and hence, extremely beneficial for hair-both scalp and hair. You can either use the pure agran oil or products that contain argan oil. Pure argan oil could be little costlier while products containing it could be little less costly. You may choose whatever suits you best.

  5. Anti-ageing:

    If you want to get rid of those wrinkles on your face and get that youthful glow on your face then include argan oil in your daily regime. I use it daily before going to bed. To get the best out of it, massage it properly on your face and neck- to get amazing results. One good thing to know about the argan oil is that, it not only provide the temporary cosmetic effect but, it nourishes from within. Undoubtedly, it will be more effective than any other cosmetic cream , claiming to heal your wrinkled face. Rich in anti-oxidants, it is ideal for restoring skin’s elasticity and increases the regenerative rate of healthy skin cells to give you youthful shine.

  6. Hair mask-

    If your hair is damaged due to chemical treatment or you are someone who is struggling with split ends, then argan oil could be your solution. Massage this oil in your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight. Doing it three-four times a week will get you soft, silky and healthy hair. The incredible moisturizing properties of the oil will seal in the moisture and smooth the flyaway, making hair more manageable and less prone to breakage, either from brushing or styling. You may use it as a leave-in conditioner also. This will help you with the frizz and  split ends as well.  To get the best out of this hair mask, make sure to use it properly three-four times a week. Pour little amount of argan oil on to your palms and massage on your scalp while working through the rest of your hair. Also, pay special attention to the ends especially, if you are someone who is suffering from split ends. While flyaway can be handled right away, the dry and damaged will be cured in sometime but, for sure.

  7. Lip moisturizer:

    Your lips are more vulnerable in the harsh winters. Because the skin of your lips is very thin as compared to the rest of your body, they tends crack and get dry more quickly. But, no worries, a single drop of the argan oil is enough to do the magic and give the plump lips ever. There is one more way to use argan oil for your lips. Take two-three drops of argan oil and mix it with brown sugar and vanilla. Apply on your lips, to get soft and plump ones.

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That is all for today’s post. But, I think I can write a lot more on Argan oil and it’s incomparable benefits. But, this could make it little lengthy and is not practical to include everything in one article. So, I will do few updated posts on Argan oil & it’s benefits, where I will cover all of that circulates around the Argan oil- separate posts including skin, hair and health benefits. I will tag them it in this post as well. Otherwise, if you are subscribed you will get a notification.



Few things to note:

  • I am not an essential oil expert. The content is solely for informational purpose.
  • I have used this oil and I am currently using it. I love it. So, this article is based on my personal opinion, which may vary from person to person.
  • The oil is extracted from nut or seed of the Argan tree. So, it is likely that some people might experience some allergic reaction. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor if you are allergic before you experiment with it.


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