But first, a cup of coffee- Episode #1

If you guys are wondering what is this? Is she changing niche of her blog or what?

Then, let me tell you that this would be just a casual, one to one, let’s get chatty type of post. I would like to do such posts in the start of every month, talking about what I loved in the past month, what I learned, what are my new goals etc –I love to take every month as a new chapter and analyzing my progress from previous month help me plan smartly for the upcoming month –Also, this is more interesting than just making a list of my favorite products of the month—because for me it is not possible to switch between products every month. Do let me know in the comments below if you guys loved this type of concept.

Let me start rambling now…

So, as soon as I entered in the month of February, I kind of got more alert because, few days back we were all wishing each other “Happy New Year” and making a list of new year resolutions and it’s February already. So, how much did we work on our resolutions? One month of 2018 has already passed. However, we still have 11 more months to work on what we were planning to achieve in 2018 so, there is nothing to panic about at all.

I was asking similar question to myself and, was analyzing like what I achieved or learned in January. By achievements, I mean how much my blog progressed. The results are impressive. I am getting lots of love from so many nice people and many other bloggers, though there is still a long way to go. But, so far I am happy that, people are listening to me and I am not throwing words into void.


Juggling between two jobs, I have now learned to keep a balance between my full-time job and my love, which is, blogging. I am experimenting with lots of innovative ideas and am planning a lot of interesting content for Shoppingfix- so make sure you are subscribed.

During my blog journey so far, I have realized that how much work a blog needs –if you are serious about it. Nothing like “Make your blog in 30 minutes” exists –contrary to what free blogging websites suggests. Behind the scenes, lots of hard work and research is done. So, a big applause for every blogger on this planet.

I am learning lots of things about blogging and how things actually work –It is not easy but, not impossible as well. Hence, I plan to share everything about blog and how you can make it big once I am done settling mine. I plan to do this so as to help the new bloggers because I completely understand that it is overwhelming for the new bloggers to get started.


Books: From a long time, I wanted to read Animal Farm by George Orwell and, I finally get the chance to read this book. I got to know about this book from my favorite blogger INTHEFROW. Do check her out. She is amazing.

So, the book turned out to be good, in fact best, as it was suggested by Victoria from INTHEFROW. I am currently reading other books which, so far, I am enjoying and will talk about them in next month’s post. If you are someone who loves reading fiction, then I would highly recommend reading Animal Farm. Do, let me know if you have read this book already?

Beauty: Because I was on hunt for a good shampoo for dry hair, I gave a try to Tony & Guy, shampoo for dry hair and am in love with it completely. I highly recommend this shampoo for people who looking for something for dry hair.

Read complete hair care routine for dry/treated hair here

Another thing that impressed me from beauty was body mists from The Body Shop –The Body Shop Shea Body Mist and The Body Shop Red Musk Fragrance Mist. They smell so good that every time I wear them, I get so many compliments. Fun fact! I do not wear fragrances according to weather. I wear what pleases me most. Otherwise I am very picky when it comes to fragrances. I will be writing complete review about these body mists soon and highly recommend giving them a try.

Also, I am enjoying Argan oil from Soulflower. Guys, you must get one bottle of cold pressed Argan oil right away. It is solution to almost all the beauty related issues like dry hair, dry skin or chapped lips.

Read more benefits of Argan Oil here.

I must admit I did not experiment with beauty products much in January but, plan to try few in Feb.

Tv Shows/ Music: Being obsessed with Big Bang Theory and Sheldon being my favorite character , I have been enjoying Young Sheldon a lot. The January month was a busy one, so did not spend much time on TV shows. However, some good music was my constant companion.

What I have planned for February?

I have very few plans for this teeny tiny months of the year like I am planning to visit my family. I live in a different city and my family lives in different (Jaipur). It’s been 7 months since I met my parents last. I got caught up with work so much that I had no time to see my family. So, it is high time to see them –super homesick!

Next, I have set some goals for my blog, which are very, very important. I have some new ideas that I am working on and need little time, before I present them before you. So, stay tuned. I am working on some really great content, that would be helpful for all my readers.

Apart from that I plan to buy new Zara bag. I have these in my mind : Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5, Option 6, Option 7. Tell me your favorite in comments and help me choose one or two. I love Zara bags and will do a bag’s collection post soon. There are lots of hints in this post as what could be coming on the blog in future.

I am super excited for the new month and hope to climb the next step on the ladder. I wish all of you best of luck for new month. Work on what you missed in January and the success is not far away.

Do tell me in the comments, how was your January? What did you learn new and what’s on your to-do-list for February? Let’s get little chatty because that is the theme for today.

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