Calling all the NEW/OLD Bloggers from around the world!

It is always nice to have someone to appreciate what you do or create. A blogger is a content creator.And,there is lots of hard work and time invested behind every blog post. Having no one to appreciate his/her work, is discouraging and heart breaking. This is the reason that thousands of bloggers die (not literally) everyday, because they never find audience who could appreciate their work. It feels to them as if they are throwing their words into void.

So, I am taking an initiative , where every week a blogger (initially, only beauty/fashion/lifestyle/food bloggers) will be picked and featured in an exclusive blog post titled “DOSE OF ENCOURAGEMENT- Meeting new talent” With this initiative, let’s connect with new bloggers, discover new blogs to read and give a loud applause to every blogger for their hard work.

Details: I will be creating an exclusive post for interested bloggers, and will pick one blog randomly and will be featured on Shoppingfix along with their latest blog post. The selected blog will also be featured on all the social media platforms of Shoppingfix. If the participants are large in number, then three blogs will be picked.

*Every week new blog will be picked.

Interested bloggers will leave their blog links in the comment section below that post. I will go through every bog and will pick three blogs following below: (needed some criterion to decide which blog to be featured).

1. How frequently they post.

2. How interactive they are with the audience.

Simple rules to participate :

1. If interested, drop your blog link under the comment section of the Post, which I will create every Thursday.

2. Like the post mentioned above (point 1).

To add some spice, I will create a small QnA for the selected blogger and also, they will tag one other blog from the participants. I guess, this is an interesting way to connect. Suggestions always welcome.

That’s all. No more rules, let’s keep it easy peezy.

Please Note: I am no one to decide who is best and who is not. It is just an initiative to meet new bloggers from around the blog and not to decide who is best and not best. Please participate enthusiastically. More interactive activities can be organized if I get good response from you all. Otherwise, this initiative will also shut down just like many blogs do every day.

Hit like to this post or leave a comment below to show your interest in this initiative. If I get good response then, I will create first post of “DOSE OF ENCOURAGEMENT” the coming Thursday and will feature the selected blog the following Monday.

Meanwhile, I want to utilize this time to see if anybody is interested.

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