How to straight hair with a straightener

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Flat iron is an amazing tool when it comes to straighten your hair on a go. Nothing can beat a flat iron when it comes to straighten your hair, if you use it carefully. Hair straightening is a hair styling technique as old as  1890s and became popular popular during the 1950s.

Okay, let us not distract from the topic and straight way learn how to use a hair straightener because probably that is why you are here, right? I have also covered almost all the questions related to hair straightening, which product and tools to use, how to prepare your hair straightening, what kind of flat iron to use and wrapping up the whole discussion with few tips and tricks revolving around hair straightener.

Let’s dive in…

Step1: Wash your hair

Only washed hair responds well to straightening. The dirty, greasy hair will only look flat and unattractive. So grab that bottle of shampoo and wash your hair before you go ahead with the styling process. And you don’t need expensive shampoo for this, any shampoo will just do fine. Just make sure whichever shampoo you use is meant for nourishing your hair.

Step 2: Blow dry:

Blow dry or let it dry naturally, main idea is to get rid of any moisture present in your hair.  I will not recommend that, though you may find most of the articles asking you to blow dry before you put the hot tongs. Instead of blow drying better leave it dry naturally. Why? Because already we are on a mission to put 230degreees temperature on our hair then why expose them to extra heat. But if you are okay with blow drying, then go ahead but spray a heat protection mist prior. No one is stopping you. It was just my suggestion.

Note: Your hair should be completely dry before straightening.



Step2: Apply some thermal spray

This is the most important and inevitable step while straightening your hair with a flat iron or any heating tool really. And do not opt for a cheap product when you are choosing a thermal spray for your hair. I am again saying invest in a good heat protection. If you are wondering why then, simple answer is “to protect your hair from burning”. Does that sound scary? Read this post here to learn how safe it is to flat iron your hair.

Okay, so we were spraying heat protection on our hair. Make sure you are spraying it properly and all your hair is covered with the protection mist. I will recommend heat protection mist from T&G. Read complete review on Tony and Guy heat protection mist and its comparison with other heat protection sprays


Step3: Section your hair

Now, that you are done spraying a protection shield, section your hair-divide them into layers and strands, so that you can cover all the sections properly and it will be more convenient to straighten them.  Now here are multiple ways to section your hair:

  1. Section them by parting them from middle in such a way that your hair is divided on each side of your head-known as middle partition.
  2. Section your hair in such a way like you do when you make a half pony or bun and leave rest of your hair loose. Now make further sections to do a hustle free styling.
  3. Just do not divide your hair, instead throw them either back or in front and keep taking small sections while straightening each section.
Step4: Start styling by taking small sections

Once you have sectioned your hair as per your convenience, start taking small sections of your hair and then clamping them between the tongs, move towards the end of your hair to sleek them out.

Step5: Finish the styling with a shining serum

Now add some serum like a shining serum or spray to finish the styling. My recommendations are Toni&Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray or BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish, For Instant Shine.

And there you go. Flaunt your super straight, sleek and stylish hair. Or wait may be keep reading to learn more about hair straightening by using a flat iron.

How to Make Hair Ready for Straightening:

There is no rocket science involved here and is merely only about washing and conditioning your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Before you grab those hot tongs make sure you have washed your hair thoroughly and conditioned it properly.  Also, prior shampooing, use a homemade mask to infuse extra hydration to your hair. Well-conditioned hair responds best to straightening.

Home made mask:

Mix few drops of Olive oil, Argan Oil and mix them properly. You may also add few drops of castor oil as it promotes hair growth. Massage this mixture properly into your scalp while working through the rest of your hair. While Argan oil helps control frizz, olive oil will provides proper hydration to your hair. This mask is best for deep conditioning.



Which size straightener is best for your hair type.

  1. ½” mini flat iron: best for pixie cuts and bangs
  2. 1” flat iron: best for short and fine hair
  3. 1 ¼” flat iron: best for shoulder length and medium thick hair
  4. 1 ½” flat iron: best for thick, coarse, curly hair longer than the shoulder length
  5. 2” best for thick, very long hair.

General Rule: The shorter the hair, the thinner the flat iron is. For people with longer, thicker hair, a wide flat iron is a best option.

Now go choose the one that is more appropriate for your hair.

Difference between the several types of hair straighteners.

There are so many brands in the market, selling different types of hair straighteners. So, it is quite natural to go muddle head while choosing the best one for you. Also, the purpose of all of them is to straight your hair, adding to your confusion.  Which one to choose then? Keep reading, because I have covered you here.

  1. Ceramic Flat Iron: Ceramic plates allow for an even distribution of heat and lower potential to burn your hair. Ceramic coating can chip off with time and cause snagging. So, it is recommended to go for tongs that are completely made up of ceramic.
  2. Titanium Flat Iron: these ones heat up fastest and transfer heat faster than ceramic ones. If you use them properly then there is less potential for heat damage. But leaving the plat on your hair for long can actually cause more damage.
  3. Tourmaline: it is crystalline mineral that is crushed up and use to coat the plates. It makes the hair shinier, straighter and less frizzy than any other.




Maintenance of your flat iron

You can clean the gunk off from your flat irons by using some rub alcohol and wiping it off with a wash cloth.


What kind of outfits go with straight hair:

Whenever you are wearing heavy make up or a dress that you need to feature, just keep your hair simple and straight. This hair style goes with most of the outfits where you do not need to do extra or when you are wearing a suit.


Tips and tricks for a hair straightener:

  1. Hair burns at a temperature of 451°F same as paper. The highest recommended temperature that you should use your flat iron on is around 365°F. And for the ones with fine hair, maintain the temperature of these hot tongs between 300 and 325 degrees.
  2. Flat-iron your hair up once you reach to the crown, and flat iron them toward the ceiling to get volume.
  3. You can even curl your hair using a flat iron.
  4. Make beachy waves:
  • Starting from the roots, clamp flat iron and twist under
  • Move down and twist in opposite direction
  • Repeat the wave pattern
  • Move quickly and avoid the dents
  • Continue through the roots
  • Run the finger through hair
  • Spray some texturizing spray if needed

5. Crimp your hair by flat ironing your braided hair.


Frequent questions about Flat iron that could be bugging your mind:


  1. Will an electric hair straightener help in controlling frizz in rainy season?

During raining season there is lots of moisture present in the environment and your hair tends to absorb it quickly. Therefore, your hair will not be dry as required (see step2). Though you can use a straightener in rainy weather, but the effect will not last much or at all.

  1. Is an electric hair straightener effective in wet hair?

No. Flat ironing is recommended only on dry hair. Any moisture present in hair will interfere the styling done with any styling tool really.

  1. Can I get electric shock from a hair straightener?

No. these gadgets are designed carefully to make sure you do not get shock. Just try to take the safely measures mentioned on the product. One should always be careful while using anything that involves electricity. In general, there is nothing to worry about.

  1. Can a hair straightener damage my hair permanently?

Yes, it can if you do not use it as recommended earlier in this post. Always use a hair protection mist and you are safe to use any heat styling tools. Follow the steps mentioned above in this post to avoid any damage. Also, read How safe is to flat iron your hair

  1. Can I get permanent straight hair from a hair straightener?

No, you can’t get permanent straight hair by using an electric tool like hair straightener. It is a temporary method to get that salon styled hair at home.

  1. What to put in hair after straightening?

You can use serums like Toni&Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray or BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish, For Instant Shine to finish the styling. These will add extra shine and moisture to your hair.

    7. What happens if I use a hair straightener on wet hair?

First of the hair straightening will not last. Secondly, your hair will become brittle and prone to breakage. oif you do not want any of this to happen to you, make sure your hair is not wet before using a hair straightener.

   8. What are the fumes coming out of my hair when I use a hair straightener ?

The fumes are simply the product (the thermal spray) burning or may be you hair is wet and not dried properly.

  9. What brand of hair straightener do you recommend?

My recommended flat iron brands are Philips, Braun and Babyliss make amazing hair straighteners. Pick the one, most suitable for you.

10. How much a flat iron can cost?

While permanent hair straightening can cost you from 5k-15k INR , a flat iron will cost from 1.5K to 10K depending which one you choose. Try online websites  like Amazon for discounts.


With this small question section , I wrap up this article. Please leave your questions in the comment section below. I would be more than happy to reply.

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