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Hi All,

How are you lovely people doing? I am in a mood of weekend and it’s almost FRIYAY!

So, this post is not part of the regular schedule of Shoppingfix. I wanted to quickly talk to you guys to give some quick updates and also, talk about an initiative that I talked few days back. Here is the original post

I was supposed to make the first of post of this series today (i.e.Thursday), but I want to wait a little more to give others time to participate and more participation means more fun. Hence, I am postponing it to next Thursday with a slight change. Now, I am opening  it for all the type of bloggers instead of restricting to beauty and fashion. I guess, this will give all of us a chance to get connected to each other in a fun way. Please consider participating.

Another major change is, let’s pick names randomly than relying on certain parameters. It would be fun to spin the wheel and pick a blog. What do you think? I am always open to suggestions.

 Comment “Interested” on the original post to show your interest.

Another update is that, a part of my Nykaa shopping just arrived and will be doing a haul as soon as the second part of the order arrives. I placed a huge order with Nykaa to get summer ready and indulge in good skin care regime. And am about to place another one already. I am on great shopping mood lately and I will definitely share with you all “What all I shopped”. So, stay tuned for that because apart from Nykaa, Zara is on it’s way.

Friday’s blog post will be uploaded in evening. Time not yet decided but, you will get a notification if you follow me here or on Instagram

Catch all behind the scenes and much more on my Instagram.  Make sure you follow me there. All other social links have been provided below. I will love to have you guys on my journey of blogging. Make sure to also leave you Instagram links below so that we can connect.

Lastly, thank you each and everyone who is following Shoppingfix. It means a lot to me.


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  1. Hello there!
    You have a nice blog, but I wanted to let you know that the banner on top, on the main page covers most of the screen for me. It keeps scrolling as I scroll as well, so it is difficult to even open any post of yours, since only a few lines are visible per page.</b.

    1. This is part of the theme dear. Anyway, thanks for notifying it to me. I didn’t knew if it was bothering my readers. However, I did check the theme on laptop as well as phone and I personally didn’t find any issue.

      Since, you have now faced this issue, I will soon make some changes to the blog to make it more reader friendly.

      Thanks again for bringing it to my notice 😊😊

        1. Hey thanks dear for the nomination. I would love to participate but, currently I have exams goit on. I will soon create a post for this award and one more award that is pending from so long. Thanks a lot ❤❤❤

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