Surprising uses of Vaseline

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Vaseline petroleum jelly is such a versatile product and is available in every corner of the earth unlike other products which can be missing from some countries. It has some amazing qualities that makes it hero among all other beauty products, one being it is super affordable. Do not underestimate this small tub of jelly as it has innumerable uses that lies on a wide spectrum, starting from your eyes to your toes.

So, let us discover some astonishing hacks of this little box of marvel…




  • No need to bother with your water proof mascara anymore. Need some mascara effect without mascara? Then Ditch your usual mascara and grab that tub of petroleum jelly. Apply it on your eye lashes. Not only it will give mascara effect to your lashes but, also it will help them grow.
  • Dab some Vaseline on to your naughty brows and brush them into place neatly.
  • Use this marvelous blue tub as your undereye cream. Applying petroleum jelly under your eyes every night is as effective as any other under eye cream. In fact, it is less harmful and more helpful. So, ditch those expensive under eye creams and instead include this little box of marvel in your night time routine.


    For skin and various parts of the body


  • If you have got tattoos on your skin but, the area starts getting dried up around the inked area then simply apply some petroleum jelly on the tattooed area and it’ll put it aside from cracking.
  • In winters, our skin gets very dry and even generous amounts of lotion doesn’t facilitate the moisture it needs, therefore use Vaseline and you’ll be pleased with the results.
  • Elbows and heels become oh-so-dry and receive less attention as compared to rest of the body. Do not neglect them anymore and simply apply little bit of Vaseline and give them the moisture they deserve. You do not have to invest extra for your elbows and heels. The Vaseline will just do fine.
  • For soft hands, rub some Vaseline to your hands and cover them with cotton gloves before you snuggle up in to your bed. The next morning you will wake up with soft hands.
  • For soft and sleek feet, use the same trick we used for our hands. Apply and massage some Vaseline to your feet, then cover them in your socks before going to bed. This way your feet will get the nourishment they need.
  • Like your elbows, your knees go unattended too. They begin to appear dry and pasty especially during winters. Use Vaseline on them to revive them and give them pampering they are worthy of.
  • Protect the thin and fragile skin of your lips by applying some petroleum jelly before going to bed or throughout the day. It is simplest and one of the most effective way to offer you the softest lips.
  • Desire for plump and soft skin then smear petroleum jelly everywhere on your face. Apply some Vaseline every night before sleeping and wake up with soft feather like skin.

For hair:


Yeah, I have hacks for your hair also using a Vaseline

  • Split ends of the hair are women’s worst nightmare. Thus, treat those split-ends by applying the Vaseline on the split ends.
  • Taming those naughty hair that are not ready to stay sleek is a real task. Just, grab that blue tub and smooth them in a jiffy. This works best when creating a high pony tail.
  • Creating a sleek hair look, then let Vaseline help you with it than an expensive hair spray.

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Make up:



  • To get that shiny effect, apply some petroleum jelly underneath your eye shadow.
  • Apply some petrolatum to the cheeks for that for a shiny glow.
  • We love coloring our hair. But, when we attempt to do it our self at home, the things get little messy. The color start dripping towards your forehead and there you have stained forehead. To avoid this, apply some Vaseline to the hairline in order that the color doesn’t ooze into your forehead and stain your skin.
  • Remove the stubborn make up stain with the help of Vaseline petroleum jelly.
  • While micellar water is everybody’s favorite when it comes to removing the makeup, use Vaseline when you are out of the micellar water or just use it regularly instead of micellar water or any other makeup remover because Vaseline is a good make up remover. It is capable of removing from your stubborn mascara to never coming off liquid lipsticks.
  • Nontransferable and longer staying lipsticks are a thing now but removing them is no less than a struggle. This is when Vaseline comes to your rescue. Apply some Vaseline on your lips and wipe it off with a cotton ball

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  • Lips have sensitive and delicate skin that tend to get more flaky than rest of your body. Hence, mix some Vaseline with sugar and rub the mixture over your lips with the help of your fingers to get rid of dried and dead skin.
  • Exfoliating body wash: You can mix Vaseline with some sea salt to prepare a home made exfoliating scrub for your body which is moisturizing at the same time.



  • Get shiny and smooth legs by applying some Vaseline petroleum jelly on them and steal that spotlight right away.
  • Some warm Vaseline can be an excellent alternative for your evening creams.
  • Earrings can sometime be pokey for our delicate earlobes. Simply lubricate your lobes with some Vaseline and apply little on your earrings to let them slip through the tiny hole.
  • Make your expensive fragrance to last longer by applying some petroleum jelly on the area where you plan to spray the scent.
  • Dry cuticles can be easily treated with Vaseline.
  • Struggling with the tight lids of Nail polish bottles? Simply rub some Vaseline underneath the caps to open them without any extra effort.
  • Apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly to easily take out the stuck ring on your finger.
  • To make those expensive body lotions last longer, apply some affordable Vaseline first.
  • The most popular use of the Vaseline, as a lip balm. I find Vaseline more effective than most of the lip balms.
  • Hate those rough and irritating touch after shaving your legs? Just smear some Vaseline right after the shaving and see the magic happen.
  • Add shine to your accessories and make them looks as good as new by a small dab of Vaseline.


That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading the incredible uses of petroleum jelly? Tell me which one was your favorite in the comments below.

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