Best hair care routine for dry hair

Best hair care routine-does anything like that exist? I have been struggling with unhealthy hair (dryness and hair fall) and was desperately looking for products that could do some good to my hair. So, I went through what was present on the internet, what my friends suggested, what my favorite bloggers recommended, what my hair dresser recommended me and then came up with my own version of Hair Care Routine. In the process, I learned that a product that works for one person may not necessarily work for the other. It depends on how your skin/hair reacts to a certain product.

This post is honestly a research of years, along with lots of hits and trials and finally, I have settled with a hair care routine that works wonders on my hair and I am happily sharing it with you all today. This is my own version. The products I have included in my daily hair care routine, are among the best ones that are available in my country (India). However, they may not work for everyone but you will get a general idea as to what kind of products to pick.  I still am experimenting with new products, though I am happy with my current version as well.

Before I dive into the details of this routine I would like to tell you about my hair type and what I usually do to style my hair every day. This is important to know because not everybody use heating tools daily, not everybody has same type of hair and lifestyle. There are people who wash their hair every day, then there are those who wash on alternate days, some style their hair without heat, some with heat and not to forget the chemical treatment we do on hair – like coloring them or bleaching. So, different type of  hair need different type of care — you can’t use same products for straight and curly hair , right?

My hair type:

My hair is dark brown in color, normal kind-that is, they are neither very oil or very dry. They are almost straight and healthy by nature. By that I mean, they are silky naturally. I do not get any split ends or hair breakage as long as I do not expose them to heat, though I struggle with hair fall a lot. I do not have dandruff or ever had really. There is no chemical treatment of any kind ever done on my hair. They are like virgin. But, they became dull and lifeless when I started using heat on my hair a lot — this is before I started taking care of them properly.

How I style my hair every day-

I generally use flat iron to smooth away some wavy hair—not curly—and some naughty ones, who are not ready to stay sleek. The frequency of using flat iron in my case is, each time I wash my hair otherwise, I don’t need a lot of heat styling until I plan to curl them, which I don’t everyday— Sometimes, I skip on heating tool so as to let my hair recover naturally. But, using heat this frequent tend to make my hair dry, dull and lifeless. So, it was high time for me to indulge into a healthy hair routine.

So, here I present before you, the hair care routine I follow for my hair to keep them gorgeous. I will also share the products I use for my hair and where you can get them.

Let’s get started!

  1. Preparing my hair for shampooing:

The first step involved in my hair care routine is prepping them for shampooing. If you are thinking why would you need to do any preparation prior shampooing then, let me tell you that this preparation is much need to provide your hair the hydration it lost while encountering with the pollution, harsh chemicals that were  present in the hair products you use everyday. Obviously, shampoos have some sort of chemicals in them and they alone cannot help you with your hair problem. You need a team of hair products to get the gorgeous mane. Try only shampoo on your hair for a week or so and you will understand what I mean.

For this step, I use a mix of Moroccan oil or Argon oil, coconut oil and castor oil to make a DIY hair mask and apply it on my hair. I generally leave it overnight and wash the next day. Sometimes, when I forget to put this mask, I will apply it like an hour before I wash my hair.

Benefits of this mask: This mask is amazing, and I am madly in love with it. I do not know if people will question the choice of oils I have used for this mask but somehow, this trio works for me wonders and I am happy to share with you all.

This hair mask is will replenish your dull and dry hair, making them incredibly soft to touch and more manageable. This DIY mask has helped me restore the shine of my hair that was lost due to exposure to extremely high temperature of heat styling tools. It  also helps with the dry scalp which is one of the major reasons behind dandruff.

Keep reading to know more about each oil I have used here…

 Argan oil:

The best thing about this oil is, it is the only thing I have come across in my years of research that could give a boost of hydration to my hair. I have tried many other commercial oils as well but, Argan seemed to work the best for me and I highly recommend it, if you have very dry hair or have undergone some sort of chemical treatment.

Quick tip! For your hair sake, stay away from hair oils that  contain mineral oil as an ingredient in them, because it is not good got your tresses. I will recommend to go with oils like Argan oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Almond oil – and all of these should be cold pressed.

Below, I have shared price estimation of Argan oil in different countries. Please Note: These data are collected from online retailers and are approximate values.

India 800 * 30ml
US 24 * 2 oz.
UK 11.95 * 100ml
Australia 30* 50ml

*Price is mentioned in country’s  respective currency.

Don’t be mad at me for I did not include prices from all the countries that are on the globe.

Read benefits of Argan oil here


Rich in antioxidants, and  packed with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, Coconut oil is the best remedy for scalp dryness. Hence, preventing dandruff  and hair fall, promoting  hair growth, along with adding some volume and shine to your locks. I use it as the base in my hair mask. By base I mean, the major part of the DIY hair mask is coconut oil.And not to forget, how affordable it is as compared to other oils.

Castor oil:

The third ingredient of this mask is castor oil. This oil is know for it’s nourishing and hair growth properties. Like I have mentioned I have been  struggling with hair fall , I used castor oil in my hair mask. This oil is know for it anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It aids hair growth, replenishes dull hair and make them less frizzy and more manageable. I suggested Castor oil to  some other people  who were struggling with hair fall and less hair density. The results was amazing in their case. The hair fall reduced noticeably and hair growth increased too.

Where can you find these oils: It  is not hard to find these oils. You may try Amazon, Nykaa, or any other  retailer who sells essential oils. Make sure the oil you choose is cold pressed and is pure.

DIY mask :

You will need:

  1. Argan oil
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Castor oil

Method for preparation:

Take a scoop of coconut oil (it should be in melted state). Add 5-6 drops of castor oil to it and 3-5 drops of Argan oil. Mix them all. Apply on dry hair before shampooing. This mask will promote hair growth, control the hair fall and make them shiny and silky.

2. Use a Shampoo made exclusively for dry hair:

It is important that you use a shampoo that meets your concern. Because, we are talking about dry or treated hair today, the ones made exclusively for dry hair will serve our purpose the best. I use Tony and Guy shampoo for dry hair. I use this shampoo because it gives my hair the moisture that it needs. Because I use heat for styling, my hair tends to get dry and dull. if you are someone like me then I highly recommend to pick a shampoo that is specially meant for dry hair . And I guess this shampoo is available in pretty most all the countries. Or pick the ones that have Argan oil in them or are made exclusively for dry hair.

3. Use a good Conditioner/hair mask:

I use a hair mask from Tony and Guy along with the DIY mask I have discussed earlier. This is one is good enough and provide deep conditioning to my hair and make them touchably soft and healthier. A good hair conditioner, if not this one, will replenish the distressed hair.

4. Hair serum is a must to add Shine to your locks:

I make sure I touch up my air with a hair serum whether I style them or not. I use BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum, For Seriously Dry Hair. I am in love with this hair serum- the best one by far. It is the best hair serum available in India for dry hair or there could be other good options as well but this one worked for me best. The readers who can’t get this particular hair serum in their country may go with anything similar to this one. Bottom line is, use a hair serum with Argan oil in it.

5. Hair Protection Spray:

Whenever you expose your hair to extreme heat temperature, make sure you use a protection shield to save them from any damage. Trust me, if you go bold with styling tools you will end up burning you hair- your hair will not literally catch up fire. I meant, you will have broken hair, split-ted end, and super dull hair.

My recommendation is : Tony and Guy Hair Protection Mist

Below I summarize this hair care routine:

Let me know what is your hair routine or, if you tried my version , do let me know how it worked for you because it worked for me and I hope it works for you as well.

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