Tony and Guy Heat Protection Mist Review

Before you put those hot tongs on your hair and end up burning them, please bother to put some heat protection spray!


If you are wondering why am I emphasizing on that then let me tell you that the temperature of heat styling tools can reach up to 230 degree Celsius . And that amount of heat is enough to damage the crown of your head.

Be it blow drying the hair or straightening the hair or curling them, if you are planning to use any heat styling tool on your mane then spraying some heat protection prior is an absolute necessary.

So, today I have a Review on Tony and Guy Heat Protection Mist-best thermal spray I have come across so far.

I am a person who style her hair frequently with a heating tool without any fear. I take all the precautionary step to minimize the damage that is likely to happen due to styling-both prior and post. One of the precautionary step is using a hair protection mist. Want to know if heat styling is safe for you or not then read How safe is it to flat iron your hair or read how to get beautiful hair naturally

I have used many thermal protection products in past but Tony and Guy Heat Protection Mist has impressed me the most. I came across this one few years back and there is no turning back now. It is the best heat protection mist than any other from some other brand. (At least the ones available in my country)

Well, that already sounds like an overall review but, any way let us go in to in-depth review and explore it more.

About Brand:

TONY&GUY was founded by two brothers, Toni Mascolo and Guy back in 1963. They started with a single salon in London following their father’s footsteps. Now TONY&GUY is multi award winning big brand name. TONY&GUY has been an official hair product for London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Also, it has been official sponsor of the British Fashion Awards.

I guess that says all about the brand’s reputation and is my favorite hair dressing brand too. Be it their products or services at salons, all are astounding.


Ingredients: Aqua, Dimethconol, VP/VA copolymer, Tea-dodecylbenzenesulfonate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil, Glycerin, Dimethconol/Silsesquioxane copolymer, Laureth-23, Parfum, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Citric Acid, Disodium EDTA, DMDHydanaton, Methylisothazolinone, Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Benzyl alchol, Benzyl saucylate, Butylphenyl, Methylproponal, Citral, Coumarin, Geranol, hexyl, Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool.



750 INR for 150 ml of product. Tip! You can always find good deals on online stores like Amazon or  Nykaa   


Quantity: Comes in 150 ml spray bottle



Let’s start the review with talking about the most convenient packaging it has.Tony&Guy Heat Protection Mist comes in a proper spray bottle, like the one the hair dressers use to spritz water over your hair to dampen them before the actual haircut. Also, there is a smart lock button which you can use to lock and unlock the nozzle and hence, preventing any spillage. What could be more convenient than that?  So,10 on 10 for the packaging.

When you style your hair using a heating tool then the first kind damage that you will notice is split end. And this you will notice right from the second or third time of styling if you are going bold with styling your hair using a straightener or curler or any other heating tool really. Over time the heat damage is followed by hair fall, breakage and hair discoloration But, after using this heat protection mist from T&G, I have barely seen any split end in my case.

Talking about the product then, it is light weight, good smelling and transparent liquid (It looks like water) Trust me you will enjoy styling your hair if you are making it part of the whole, styling process.

And okay, I am not selling the product, nor this is a paid post. But, I can’t stop praising how amazing this mist is, the best so far and I am afraid to switch to any other product. There are some heat protecting sprays in the market that will make your hair feel dry and sticky when you use them. And then there are others who are not doing their job properly. But T&G is the best when it comes to give your hair that protecting shield against the high temperature of the styling tools.

One disadvantage of this thermal mist is-if we really need to discuss that- Comparing the prize with few others in the same race, TONY&GUY is little costly but no worries you can always find a convincing deal on online stores. Because it is extremely important to put some protection on your hair before you expose them to high temperature of your styling tools, T&G is my recommendation. Also, it is worth investing in if you really love your hair and do not want them to get damaged.


Direction of usage: Spray this protection shield over towel-dried hair and comb through before blow-drying, or simply spritz over the dry hair before you use straightener or curling irons.

How to open the Tony And Guy heat protection mist bottle?

Ha Ha. Are you also among the people who thought that the heat protection mist spray bottle that they receive was broken? Yes? Then, let me tell you that the bottle is absolutely fine. Check around the neck of the bottle, you will see a small button. Press it. Bingo! There you go. You can now use it. Also, press the same button again to lock your bottle. This smart lock is given so that there is no spillage, especially when you are traveling.

Will I buy it again:

Over and over again till I find something better than this. I am already on my 7th bottle or I think I have lost the count because I have been using it from ages now and completely loving it


Will I recommend it?

Obviously, I will. Go ahead with it and invest in this amazing heat protection mist.


Where can I find it?


You can buy the T&G heat protection mist on online stores like Amazon or Nykaa or Myntra


Can I use use it before blow drying my hair?

Yes you can. Not just before blow-drying your hair, you can use this thermal mist before curling or flat ironing your hair as well. The tony and Guy heat Protection Mist acts as a protecting shield against the heat that is coming from these styling tools. It also prevents the dryness that is likely happen due to high heat coming from the styling tool.


Why is it important to use a protection mist before styling?

Each strand of our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin, water and lipids, the barrier that supports hair’s elasticity. So, when you use a heat styling tools to meet those salon standards, the heating coming from the hot gadget is about to ruin the glory of your crown if you are without a protection shield. And that shield is a heat protection mist.  Because your hair is dead in real, it is not capable of recovering on its own. That is why we need to use a protection spray before proceeding with the hair styling.

In fact, there is more included in hair care when you are someone who love straightening or curling their hair. Read here


Summarized Review:

  • If you enjoy playing with heat styling tools and creating new hair styles, or is someone who style their hair frequently with heating tools or whenever you have to expose your hair to heat, then go ahead with this protection shield against the hot temperature from these tools. It is really a savior and I am damn confident that you will be equally pleased as I am.


MVAC Rating: 4.5/5 because nothing is perfect after all.

General rating: 4.5/5 . this one is based on what everybody else has to say about it.







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